Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Decade Everyone

Happy new year to all of you beautiful people out there.
Have fun tonight, enjoy and spread love!
As a present to you I leave a photobooth pic. I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to.
Happy new year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Cute stuff!

Creating christmas jingles using lots of mobile phones and the ability to time them. Cool!

Experience Mobile Mobile from James Théophane Jnr on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality on a Adidas Sneaker

Adidas has created a virtual 3-D world that can be accessed using an upcoming line of five men’s sneakers in an idea that ties into one of the technology trends of the year: augmented reality.

All users have to do is go to the Adidas site and hold up their sneaker, which has a code embedded in its tongue, in front of their computer webcam. A virtual world then pops out in front of them and they can navigate it using their sneaker as a controller.

Over the next few months, Adidas plans to introduce three augmented reality games developed by game developer xForm into the virtual neighborhood. The sneakers will then serve not only as the key to get in, but also act as the controller for the games. Among those available will be a skateboard game, where the sneaker acts as the controller to navigate the virtual city’s alleys, a Star Wars-like game with the sneaker and a music-based game.

The shoes with the augmented reality codes will cost between $65 and $95 and will be available starting February.

So, cool or uncool?
Sure, a large part of this is a marketing gimmick and Adidas is not the only company to try use augmented reality in its products. But that doesn’t take away from that this is an idea that makes an ordinary physical object fun and injects some technological coolness to it.

Cool I would say.

The UNICEF Landmine Stickers

The Agency Leo Burnett created this ad campaign to awaken peoples awareness around landmines and their hazard. They placed, invisible “Landmine"-stickers on the floor: Their self-adhesive topsides looked exactly like the floor. When people walked over them, they stuck to their feet. While removing the stickers, people discovered the picture of a landmine on the bottom side with the text: In many countries, landmines are still an insidious danger to civilians.

They were also informed that in many other countries, they would have been the victim of a landmine just at this moment. At the booths, people could get further informations and donate to UNICEF.”

The campaign worked, their visits doubled, and the donation for landmine victms increased.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Directors: Andreas Heinzel, Peter Steger, Andreas Pauli, Kerrin Nausch
Copywriters: Florian Kroeber
Art Directors: Claudia Boeckler
Photographers: Heine, Lenz, Zizka
Others: Jeanette Bohné, Eva Muenstermann, Tobias Nientied

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kobe Bryant - Hate it or Love it

So on Christmas Day, NBA had a christmas special where all of the great teams played eachother. That was obviously very fantastic, but what was even greater about this was that since it was played on Christmas Day, they had to play early afternoon games instead of the regular 7 pm games. Early afternoon games means that if you're in Sweden, you don't have to sit up in the middle of the night to watch an NBA game! We could sit like normal people before midnight and watch basketball.

We watched Los Angeles Lakers play Cleveland Cavaliers.
For those of you who don't realize the excitement of this is that Kobe Bryant, playing for the Lakers, and LeBron James playing for the Cavs meet in a Greatness game. Now, if you are cheering for the Cavs, you most likely hate the Lakers and Kobe Bryant more than anything. Even if you are not a Cavs fan, you prob, still hate Kobe Bryant.

What I find mostly interesting is that the "for or against" campaign" against Kobe Bryant has become so huge.
There is an ongoing debate regarding the hate or love for Kobe and I must say, sometimes have trouble figuring out whether the world is debating Kobe vs LeBron, Kobe vs Michael, or Kobe vs the Universe.

We cannot deny that Kobe and Michael are comparable, that Kobe and LeBron are equals, that Kobe should be judged by his on-court and off-court selves separately. Instead, every Kobe question we could think of has been fused to form one fundamental question every basketball fan has been found asking themselves more and more as the debate grows in magnitude and relevance. Pro Kobe or Anti Kobe? You can only choose to lay your head on one side of the pillow.

Most importantly.
Whether or not we like Kobe makes no difference to him, it would seem. And this is why a lot of people find it easy to dislike the man who just may be the greatest player playing the game today. Kobe is concerned with winning basketball games, knowing this will solidify his legacy in the long term, the one goal I am confident drives him most. Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players of all time, love him or hate him, and he knows this. He simply will not be denied greatness.

And it is for that reason that he’s so easy to love and so easy to hate.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry christmas everyone. I really hope you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. All of you deserve it.
Today I spent all my day helping elders at an elderly care. They don't really have people that look after them so we did.
It was really nice doing something different for christmas eve for once. Helping others, and giving them the christmas spirit. Next year I might take a visit to the soup kitchen.

Merry christmas.
Spread love.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Did you Elf yourself yet?

Office Max’s Elf Yourself marketing campaign attracted 193 million visitors and was the best viral campaign in the history of the Web. More than 123 million “elves” were created in just SIX weeks. Crazy thing.

Even I Elfed myself. Did you?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Print Madness!

I've been in a skype meeting for almost four hours now.
Im still in it. Me and a classmate are trying to create a logo and we just can't find satisfaction in anything we've done so far!
This has to be done by midnight. We have 5 minutes left, which is fine, because I think our last 2 min will be the most efficient ones.

My point with this entry is that I 've always felt doubt against purely working with design and now Im not in doubt anymore.
I know now that I don't want to purely be working with design. At least not print stuff. I love to work with people who love to work with pure design, I love design and most importantly, I love the creative process around it, but I just don't want to execute the actual design part.
The reason for that is that it so quickly turns around my passion into madness. And perferrably, I would like to seperate the two.

Gotta head back to the meeting.

But hey, I got the frames out of my banner.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Im going to be one of those cool bloggers.

Ok. My first deal in here is trying to figure out how to get rid of this horrible double lined frame I got wrapped around my banner. To do that I need to know some HTML. I hate HTML. I had some knowledge back in the days from the Playahead and Lunarstorm times, but that doesn't really take me far. I know I should be knowing how to remove those lines, but I can't do it and it is a little annoying. Mostly because Im in a situation where Im incapable of doing something I want to do, and that sucks I must say.

First it took me forever to find a place to blog from. Wordpress, blogger, blogspot, tumblr, and plenty other happy candidates were only few of the thousands acutal blog-spots to blog from which is crazy, and when I finally decided where to sign up for an accoung, I couldn't even get the banner to look good.
I'll be fine though. I know Theo will first laugh, but then he will help me. So I'll be fine.

I am a little bit against this whole blog thing really. I can't help to think that it is a little juvenile. But obviously not all blogs are fashionistas or backpackers trying to keep in touch with their families.
Once every blue moon I see these mature, inspirational and interesting blogs and I just decided tonight, Im going to go for it.
Im going to be one of those cool bloggers.

Its night time in Stockholm, Sweden, so before I get too excited about my new flake of identity out on the internet
I better shut it down.

Stay tuned though. I think I might pull this off.