Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oh yeah I did have something for you this Sunday...


Hey everyone!
I have had a great weekend. Very relaxing but yet very joyful. Its been perfect.
I don't have much for you this sunday but the fact that Im one happy cookie and that I have a hell of a week infront of me.

I have to tell you about LVL3!
Theo Stråhlén and John Karlsson that made Spotify Alarm has now made a site called LVL3. They wil put up all their work together there so it'll be a really cool site.
Check it every once in a while!

I'll give you more details on my coming week tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clio Awards

I was just looking through some winners from the Clio Awards of 2009 and went through their student winners. There were two winners from Hyper Island Stockholm and one from Berghs School of Communication.
I think its super cool that three of the winners were from Sweden! Good stuff.

Here is a Vicotorias Secret ad some students from School of Visual Arts, NY made.
Simple, funny and they really get the message through. I also really like how they use props that are natural to the setting to complete the ad. Like the bench for an example is very common in an environment like that, however, it is not that common to have it facing the wall and have it put that close up to it either. But in this image it is, and that makes the regular VS ad on the wall, unique all of a sudden.

Check out some more winners at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spotify and Me are like this.

So Spotify tweeted about the Spotify Alarm and they linked to my blog!
Cool. I can see the beginning of a great relationship.
Spotylove to you all.


"I want to make you smile just so I can sit back and look at it"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nuit Blanche

I know I'm posting stuff on here like crazy today but I just found this on my classmate Sandra Svenssons blog and just felt like I needed to share it. (
This 3 minute movie clip is really well done! You can also watch the making of it if interested. Enjoy!

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

Making Of Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.


Love the copy.

Soon we will be reunited again

Spotify Alarm is everywhere!

Not only has several bloggers blogged and tweeted about the app during the last days, has put the App up on their first page, but now Apple is in the game to! The Spotify Alarm is up on their site! Cool!
I'm very proud and happy for my fellow students!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love for Health

My throat is soar and today I even coughed today three times! I usually never get sick. Hopefully this is just a teaser and not seriousness sickness.
Therefor, Im sending out some hugs filled with love to you all so that it will generate some good karma for me and hopefully make me well again.
Ill let you know if it worked.
Pancakes for all

Roll Up?

Great ad. Simple graphics and good copy.
Its something you don't really talk about, but people actually prefer one of this options. You either roll up, or you roll down.
Personally I roll up. I hate it when people put the toilet paper so that you have to roll down! Up is the way to go!

The Spotify Alarm

Sooo check it out! The same people in my class that created the "Help Me Move" Site has made it again.
Theo Stråhlén came up with an idea of creating his own an alarm clock because he didn't have one that could wake him up in the morning. So he started coding and building and ended up with the Spotify Alarm. An alarm that is connected to your Spotify and wakes you up in the morning with you favorite song. Theo pitched the idea to John, and he obviously loved it, started designing it, and after two nights of drinking coca cola, and coding, the now have a finished product.

This might be a new way of working as a creative team. A developer and a designer together can apparently create wonders!

Download the Spotify Alarm and try it out!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Cleaning Therapy

I just cleaned out all the public areas of the apartment as agreed! The kitchen, the living room and the hallway.
Im really not fond of cleaning. Not at all, but lately It has grew into becoming some sort of therapy for me.
It just gets my mind off of things and in some symbolic way, as I clean out and everything becomes clean I feel better.
Maybe my mind has just made this whole thing up so I wont forget about cleaning. I don't know. Either way Im happy with it.

When I was 8-19 years old. I hated cleaning more than anything. And doing dishes? Oh my god. Worst thing ever. But now, Im cool with it.

Anyways. Sunday today.
New Week tomorrow.
New groceries.
New tasks.
New jokes.
New virals.
New Inspiration.

Now I gotta lay down and just relax for a bit.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Help me MOVE!

John Karlsson in my class (also known as my son) moved yesterday from his old apartment to his new one and came up with an idea of how to get people to help him.
He took pictures of things that needed to be transported to the new apartment and uploaded them to a website. People could then go on to this website and sign up to carry the various items. For each item, the carrier got a beer.
Brilliant idea! Theo Stråhlen, was the developer and made the site look really nice and easy to use!

One rather funny idea became a brilliant one when it was actually put live.

Check the website out:

Big ups to my Digital Media family members Theo and John!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goodbye Motion Graphics 2010

Portfolio Madness

Hey loved ones.
Im back at Hyper Island now in K-town just working away. I got some important things to deal with the upcoming two weeks.
First off, I need to get all the documentation from the Amsterdam Project down and ready for presentation on Tuesday.
Second off, I need to finish my portfolio! Websites, coding and other flashy things that I have no clue about. But lucky as I am, Im being assisted by someone who writes code as he would write a text message. Crazy.

Gotta go back to work.

I miss my diamonds. But I know I'll see them again in one week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Young Forever

"Fear not when, fear not why,
fear not much while were alive,
life is for living not living up tight,
see ya somewhere up in the sky,
fear not die, i’ll be alive for a million years, bye bye,
so not for legends, I’m forever young
my name shall survive"

Not only did he create Rihanna and raised her into the industry to become one of the best, but he also always keeps producing great music, he writes and he does business. Jay-Z is truly a legend.

The song doesn't start until 1 min into the video.


Saint Valentine's Day

Almost 2000 years ago there was a Christian Martyr named Valentine. He established the 14th of February as a day where you are to celebrate love and affection. I don't know if this guy was gay but he was hella breave to bring the suggestion of "lets designate a day to celebrate love" up for the Pope.
Go Valentine.

Everyone is celebrating the V'day in one way or another today. You are either trying to escape it, or you are doing it the traditional way, but either way, you are somehow celebrating it. I like it. You don't necessary have to love someone, or be married to someone or even date someone to have good day today. My point is that sometimes we should just step back and be grateful for stuff that we have and the love that we have around us.

If you'd be in an accident tomorrow that would change the next 6 months of your life, you would probably start realizing and understanding so many more simple things about your surroundings. Some of them could actually make you one of the happiest people in the world.

So for V'day, don't worry about cupid and if you've been hit by cupid already, enjoy, But most importantly, think of those small things that you only see every once in a while. You really are loved.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dish it!

Okay I can't hold it in anymore. I have one word that will explain my happiness.
Account Manager. Or that's actually two words, but one position. So yeah. Account Manager! Yay!
Now I have to go back to having beer with Sid Lee:ers


I feel so filled with happiness right now. It is such a wonderful feeling! I wish everyone in the world could feel what I feel right now! Really though. My eyes are smiling, I got a little tickle in my stomach and my whole body is just twitching a little bit.
Happiness. Right now I feel as If I could conquer the world.
Hohoo :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

4th Day @ Sid Lee

Today was just half a day at Sid Lee.
Me and Ida started the morning with a meeting at the café and planned out our interview with Andreas and Julie. And then. We executed the interview with Andreas and Julie.
Now this might sound very simple but we had to take some re-shots and make sure everything looked and sounded alright. So basically, as my dear friend Pawel would say, conducting the whole interview took the entire morning. But it turned out really good!
After lunch we left the office for some touristing in A'dam city and after that we prepared some presentation work!

Unbelievable that we are already saying good night to day four and moving on to our last day tomorrow. This week has gone by so fast and we've learned so much.

Tomorrow Sid Lee does this "Pizza Friday" thing. Everybody gathers in the cafeteria and they have pizza together. According to rumors, the music after lunch turns up as well and some beer bottles jump in the picture after 5 pm.
I really look forward to our last day there. I will take loads of pictures and tell you all about the un-classified stuff from that party.

"One day we'll all be sipping on heavenly champagne"


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3rd Day @ Sid Lee

Today I have worked. I can feel it in my shoulders and in my eyes.
The morning started with me getting briefed on where we are and what was going to happen during the day. Apparently, a representative from Adidas was going to come in and we had some other things regarding Porsche Design that we had to solve.
So what I have done all day is work! I even got some own tasks to solve on my own which was really nice.

When it comes to documentation me and Ida got a lot of it done. We have a plan for our presentation now that we both think is going to be awesome. Yay.
Still no drawing on the wall in the bathroom though. But I can feel it coming to me. Tomorrow maybe.

By the way, we went live with some Y3 banners today. That was exciting.

Oh and one more thing. It snowed here today. My gosh, this snow is just killing me. Its snowing like hell in Sweden, and I heard it is snowing in NY too. Its some sort of international disaster. Horrible.

Have fun tonight and spread joy.
Love you all

Connecting the dots...

So about a month ago I wrote about adidas doing an Augmented Reality thing with a new shoe that will launch sometime in February/March?
Now I want you to take a wild guess. Which agency is working on this for Adidas?
Sid f-ing Lee. How cool isn't that? The guy in the background of the image I posted a month ago is Chris, the AD of the office here! I find it super cool! I knew about this a month ago and was pretty amazed. Now I sit and work with those same guys!
Small world. And this is one of the billion times in your life when you find yourself connecting the dots.
Why did I draw a line from a previous dot the another? Well, because I was supposed to make my way over to this dot.

Here is a teaser for the first AR shoe

Love you all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Day @ Sid Lee

I already feel more into all the projects! It is getting more and more interesting and my tasks are getting more and more "work" related. Today started off a little shaky. The creative producer took a check on his resource and time tablet and realized we needed to do some changes to be able to go live on the right date.
It was really nice being a part of that challenge since it involved a lot of puzzling and meetings with developers etc. Good stuff. Good learning! By the way. I have to express my appreciation towards developers. They are just such great people! So easy to talk with, so simple and so logic!

In the bathrooms of Sid Lee they have walls that you can write or draw on with crayons. So there are pitch black walls with black shiny tile in some places. It looks really cool with a slight touch of creepiness. Before anything when you get in there, all you want to do is read what people have put up. Now, getting to the point of my story...I picked up a crayon today. I thought I should leave a mark there, I lifted my hand and pushed the crayon towards the wall and a thousands of cool sayings and messages popped up in my head but somehow, I got some sort of performance anxiety and just put the crayon back.
What I had in mind wasn't cool enough. But I promise I'll put something up before I leave. And I promise I'll post it on here too.

Today's fail: I forgot my camera which sucks in every way. I have no photos from today. Only one from my cellphone.
Todays glory moment: Developers are great! Adidas Y-3 have some really good stuff!

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Day @ Sid Lee

Today was our first day on our work shadowing project! We arrived at Sid Lee at 11 to meet our mentors, Julie and Andreas. Ida follows Julie and I follow Andreas. He is a creative producer and he is mainly working with the Adidas Originals Account.
He is also a hyper graduate which is nice, because he understands where I come from.
Anyways, we explained what we wanted to achieve from this week and they explained what they are doing, and then we got into work! I sit next to Andreas and help him with whatever I can, but mostly I ask questions and follow him into meetings and stuff.

The best thing about today was that we had brought swedish candy (lösgodis) to the office, and it was such a big success! Everyone loved it and that made people come up to us and talk to us!
Insight : Candy brings people together.

Tomorrow we'll get even more to do! Its exciting. Im excited!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Train-ing Day

Me and Ida on the train to Kastrup Copenhagen!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Savior!

Yes I know the time

I bought a new watch. I wanted a mans watch. Its just so much sexier on women to have that rather than those thin lady ones. Its heavy and my left arm now feels very man-like.
Look at my watch, my watch is amazing!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bike Man

Here's what we found Thursday morning on our way to School!
Bike man cant be happy about this.


This week has probably been the most unproductive week ever.
I feel like I have done absolutely nothing and that sucks! Really does! Here is what I have accomplished;

- Ida and I have gotten a YES from Sid Lee Amsterdam and we are going there on Sunday morning to work-shadow two cool producers at their agency. We will be staying at Idas friends house and apparently, their apartment is pretty close to Sid Lee!
Cool stuff!

-I have sent in an Action Plan for our Portfolio To The Industry day in March. It went pretty well, but I still need to add some important things. Thumbs up!

-I helped the Business & Finance department with the charity Lunch yesterday. Yay!

-We had an awesome goodbye party for the Motion Graphics Class Wednesday night! Bye Motion, have fun interning in the world!

-I have watched "The Lovely Bones".

See now that isn't much for an entire week.
But I guess its all right, soon enough Ill be in Amsterdam with tons of new insights and thought-starters!

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention. I have started reading "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu! A really nice book about strategy and management for all of you who are interested. Sirwan you should read it!

Charity Lunch Pics:

Michelle and Ida making some delicious Pyttipanna!

DMs and Motions having lunch!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Appreciation Chart

When you feel good you should remind your self why life is good. I think its important.

1. Avocado. Sorry avacodo. It took me a couple of years to figure you out, but now I just love you.

2. Fresh sheets in a newly made bed. Its just so crispy, it smells good and it attracts the good dreams.

3. The fact that I rarely ever get sick. Thanks for that.

4. Happiest mom ever. You cannot not smile when she opens the conversation on the phone. Im not even gonna try to explain it but its hella cute.

Yeah. This is my appreciation chart.


John finally signed the papers! Now he is mine according the law of Hyper Island!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Heartbreak Warfare

Well hello there.
Monday again, snow again but different month! We got Febuary going which is nice!
Im working on a Team Building that me and Ida have to make before we go to Amsterdam on Sunday for our work shadowing.
We are discussing lamb meet and Im researching great ad campaigns.
Question of the day is, where the hell is my future son? It seems as if John over slept today (again) and didn't make it to school.
Goddamit. I got the papers ready!
John Mayers new song Heartbreake warfare is pretty good. I thought i would look good as a headline to this entry as well. But hey, if you play the guitar every now and then (not mentioning any names), you should learn how to play this song.

Safe Driving Campaign

90 seconds. Def. worth taking a look at.