Monday, August 23, 2010

Target Light Show

The Target Fall 2010 Fashion Light Show Show at The Standard Hotel New York is such a cool idea! Mother N.Y and Target managed to create an extravaganza with just as much wow factor, using The Standard Hotel in NYC as the event stage, they synced over 150 rooms with large LED lights and live dancers in windows along with ground level catwalks and a host of celebs to mark the launch. Would have been really cool to see.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How long can you last?

This campaign site is so incredibly simple, yet so smart and rememberable. I like it. I really do.

Go to the site.

Advertising Agency: Websense Group, TelAviv IsraelW

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Last Exorcism

You thought chatroulette was over and out? And maybe you even thought that campaigning through chatroulette was no longer efficient, well take a look at the The Last Excorcism campaign. Hilarious.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Google Tv

Yes. Google Tv. How sick isn't that? I'm not going to say much and just let you watch the video but I am going to say. that Google, and probably Apple will change the way we use the Tv today.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today was Blacksmiths first day without Hyper Island co-workers and such. From here and now on, it is all up to us.
We have had a great day. We started off by building a foundation of our agency. We talked about everyones roles, what the responsibilities are, and decided on how our working process will look like. It is so refreshing I can't even explain it. I feel great. It is almost like hope mixed with happiness, comfort and a touch of luck in there.

We decided on which client to contact and what to do the coming days. I also created all Blacksmith branded timecards and such for our agency. They look great!

By the way. I should really recommend the iPhone app Mill Color when taking photos on your iphone and then also use the myFilm app to add that extra touch. These images are taken with an iPhone and edited really quickly in those apps.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The first two days at hyper has passed and they have been absolutely great.
Yesterday we started off with some regular class team building and information about our nine week project called The Final Project. Right before lunch we teamed up with the people we wanted to work with and got our clients.
I work with 5 absolutely fantastic talents from the class. Theo Stråhlén and Henrik Porseland, the two developers. Alexander Gårdenberg and John Karlsson our fantastic designers. Ida Ragnarsson as our Concept and Strategy girl and then me, as the producer.
We are all really good friends and have a very well balanced skill knowledge within the different fields of Digital Media. I really look forward to working with Blacksmith for the coming 9 weeks. And who knows? Maybe even in a couple of years in the future as our own super agency?


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers

So Vibram FiveFingers is promoting their new shoe with this microsite. The shoe looks kinda funny, it looks like those socks you can buy where each toe has its own little pocket to go into. I'm sure the technology behind the shoe is fantastic and the message on this Microste that Nail has created says: You are the technology. I like that a lot, but what do you think about the microsite? To me it's really cool at the beginning, but then it kinda dies? I mean, I spent at least 5 min on the site, and that's probably what they wanted to accomplish, but I wasn't satisfied as I left the site. I dont know, I'm having a hard time giving this some type of grade. All I can say is that is worth having a look at.
Advertising Agency: Nail, USA

Back in Karlskrona!

Three days ago I came back to Karlskrona and to the home of Hyper Island!
It feels wonderful being back here and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the new students and get our last three months at the school going!

This year is the first year that "senior" Hyper Island students will be attending the school at the same time as the "freshmen" begin. I'm very excited and think that It will be great for everyone!

Yay for school. I know its dorky, but seriously. You should try this, it's awesome.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old Spice inspired commercial

There are many mock-offs but I think this one is pretty well done! It makes me laugh!