Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dove The Manthem

Fun-ny! I like it!

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Paris France

AIDS Foundation Fundrasing: Selinah

Very powerful.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Johannesburg South Africa

Monday, June 28, 2010

Most Creative Website(?) Ever!

Last year BooneOakley really pushed the envelope and wanted to create a creative website. So they created Yotube videos. But they weren’t just videos, it was actually their Agency site embedded into YouTube across 50 odd videos, the very first of its kind. This was 12 months ago, 1 million views ago and is now possibly the most viewed agency site of all time!?
To cap it off, last week they won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2010. Yay for creativity and oddness!

The Social Network!

So it is official! Sony Pictures are making a movie called The Social Network. The movie is all about what happened when Facebook exploded around the world, how Mark Zuckerberg did it and where we are today because of it. Here is a "teaser" from the movie. Rather boring I would say, but hey. It can only get better right?

Two Seconds to Spot

Look at this image closely.

How long did it take you to understand it?

"Two seconds to spot are two seconds too late"
The "Two Seconds to Spot" was made for The support centers union for victims of sexual assault in Israel and I think its smart, simple and powerful.

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Tel Aviv, Israel

Amnesty International

This print/outdoor campaign is brilliant! I absolutely love it.
When you look at the poster, it is a different picture, and when you look away it is another picture. The message is great. Don't look away.

This commercial will only be shown once!

(Sorry about the lousy quality)

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amnesty International

These images are just great.

“Ignore us. Ignore human rights. Amnesty International.”

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, New Zealand

First Day @ Saatchi & Saatchi!

The excitement is high, the sun is shining and Im feeling very good!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Customize your Google!

Just customized my google page! I don't know if this is has been available for a while now and that Im the last one on this planet to realize it, or if I just made a discovery that no one else has done so far! I'd like to think that its the last option of the two.
Anyway. Now I can "see" my friends a lot more during computer time! Yay!

Vintage Clothing

"Silk Dress, Coming Soon,
Shock and Soul, Vintage Clothing"

"Checked Shirt, In Store 3-6 Months,
Shock and Soul, Vintage Clothing"

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe / Y&R London, UK

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Absolutely Gorgeous!

This short little stop motion video is just fantastic to watch for anyone who is interested in the creative field!
Watch it and enjoy every bit of it.

Agency: Rethink, Canada


Limited Edition. Absolut Brooklyn. A Spike Lee Collaboration
See Spike's Film at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Collection from Hyper so far

I usually post about print/outdoor/ambient or digital campaigns that I'm impressed or intrigued by, but now I thought I'd post what I have accomplished doing during my first year at Hyper Island.
Here is a collection of my favorite stuff in chronological order with the most recent work at the top.

TIP - The Industry Project

Project Time: 6 Weeks
My Role: CEO
Clients: IKEA, Unga Klara, Akka Box

The TIP is the final module of the Digital Media program before diving into the Final Project and the internship. The class is basically divided into groups of 12 and the main task is to start up and run an agency. Even though everything is fairly fake, it gives you so many insights about how it would be to run an agency, to write budgets, to count working hours and to write proposals etc.

I was the CEO of the agency and learned a lot about setting up a full on structure and workflow for the agency. I also learned a whole lot about being a overview and supervisor of three separate working groups as well as the entire agency as a whole. I was responsible for setting a good atmosphere, making sure we worked according to our values and to do quality assurance on everything we did.

48 hour Zlatan Pitch

Task: Create a brand and marketing strategy for famous football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Project Time: 48 Hours

My Role: Creative team together with Ola Syse, classmate and designer.
Challenge: To deliver in short amount of time!

This side project was given to us during the The Industry Project as a chance of winning money to your agency. It was intense but lots of fun. We didn't work to structured, but surprisingly this worked very well for both of us. We worked simultaneously with different tasks and came up with improvements along the way. We both set the concept together and I was then mainly responsible for the pitch and Ola for the design and mock ups.

Website + Hosting of a football management game which is connected to Facebook

Mobile App - What would Zlatan do? A generator with different fun things Zlatan would do

Hair products aimed towards the younger segment of the target group

The XV - Our Marketing

The task: To market and promote the class and the individuals of the class
Project Time: 3 Months
My Role: Senior Project Manager
Challenge: How to get 36 very stubborn people work in syner

The XV Projects is one of the biggest projects I've been involved in and it gave me a whole lot of experience and learnings.
Me and two other Senior Project Managers from the class were responsible for the entire structure and work process and spent around 4 weeks planning schedules, timelines, swots, workflows and deadlines. We also facilitated the Idea Development process and motivational sessions and process follow ups.

The Result? Visit our fantastic website:

The Triforce Installation

The task: Create an interactive, fun and technical device/installation for a future exhibition
Project Time: 5 Weeks
Material: 1 Wii Remote + 500 SEK
My Role: Project Manager - Triforce Group & Stockholm EAT Exhibitio

As a group we were faced with so many challenges in this project because none of us had any type of experience in technology or exhibitions. All we knew was that we had an idea, and we wanted to do anything to make that idea become reality.

We researched, we called people, we looked for sponsors, we tried and failed and tried again. However, we finally pulled it off and we created one of the winning installations at the exhibition and won the price of going to London and exhibit at W+K.

The Result: The Triforce - an audiovisual experience installation that creates ambient music and visuals with the help of a Light Glove.

For more information about the installation, please drop me a comment and I'll get back to you!

The City Simulator

Client: The Municipality of Karlskrona
Brief: Attract new inhabitants to move to Karlskrona
Project Time: 4 Weeks
My Role: Concept & Copy

This was our first real brief! We were all very excited and worked late nights to finish this project. We created an idea for a City Simulator tool that would help new inhabitants to get their own personalized Karlskrona by answering a few questions and downloading the City Customization app.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Light a candle for your best memory

Today was our final day @ Hyper Island before the summer break.
We started the day with a full on evaluation of the whole year we have been studying for. We made a nice little timeline with the start in Aug 2009 and and the ending in June 2010 and then we filled the timeline with drawings and text of specific things that had happened during the year. Once we had done that we got to light a candle and put it somewhere on the timeline that would symbolize a moment that we want to remember during the summer.

It was a great session with some emotions involved. After the evaluation we made 7 cakes for us and DM10 to enjoy as a final goodbye before summer. Thank you all for this first year, it has been amazing!
See you again in August for our final project and the very exciting internship!

Monday, June 14, 2010

New design!

Thanks to bloggers new design tools and some help from my own special helper, I have managed to create this new layout for my blog! I'm really happy with it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Handwritten font?

Great stuff from Pilot!
It's an online application that turns your handwriting into a digital Font, allowing you to write by hand on the computer and send your first handwritten e-mails.

Check it out at:
Advertising Agency: Grey, Barcelona, Spain
Published: May 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pac-Man Google logo

How much could the Pac-Man Google logo be worth and how much did it cost the world?

Just about $120,483,800. Nothing strange about that.

As most of you probably remember, google did a Pac-Man logo that was interactive. The average time spent on googles home page during that time was approximately 36 seconds! When adding the fact that google has almost 503 million daily visitors and 33 million daily hours spent searching one can calculate something very interesting.
Let's say that the average pay of the visitor is $25/hour, we can estimate that Google's Pac-Man logo destroyed 4,819,352 hours of productivity and cost about $120,483,800 in distracted employee salary. CRAZY!

For those who missed it, Google has made their Pac-Man logo a permanent feature at

Dulux "Let's Colour" Campaign

The "Let's Colour" project is amazing! I really dig the idea.
Starting in March 2010, The Let’s Colour Project brought colour to Brazil, France, the UK and India. The local communities rolled up their sleeves and joined us in painting schools, streets, homes and squares. They are trying to transform, through color, all that abandoned and boring places around. Besides the two sites that has been done, this is the tv-commercial presenting the whole thing.

Even if you are not interested in any type of campaign work, this 2 min clip is just mesmerizing to watch. Enjoy!

And also! The film was shot by multi-award winning swedish director Adam Berg, over four weeks and every location is real and they remain transformed by a palette consisting of 120 different colours. The people in the film are not actors, they are real people who rolled up their sleeves to transform their community with colour.

Agency: Euro RCG

Marc Ecko

Really like these poster made by Mike van Linda, a copywriter who studied in both NY and SF and now works at David & Goliath.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup Interactive Calender provides an original interactive calendar for the World Cup! It's fresh and very simple to use! Like!

Summer Intern!

It has finally been settled!
This summer I will be given the opportunity to intern at the Saatchi & Saatchi office in Stockholm for two weeks!
Congratulations to me!

Here's the story. We had a great lecturer here in the beginning of this year. She is a strategist/planner at Saatchi & Saatchi and she was very inspiring. I contacted her to see if there was any possibility for to come and work with her and her team to learn more about planning and strategy. She replied very quickly and asked if I could come up to Stockholm and meet with her and her planner partner! I met with them and we had a nice little chat. Everything was handled very professionally from their side and I'm very happy to come and shadow the staff at the office.

Of course, I will post whatever is allowed from there to this blog and take you with me on my journey.
I think this opportunity will be very good for me since the big internship comes up in november because now I get the chance to explore the fields even more before I head off for the big deal.

Thank you Anna Nordell and thank you Saatchi & Saatchi!

Stages of Success


Make Homosexuals Marry - Just like the rest of us

A very funny video on how gay couples are living the exact same lives as heterosexuals. I really love the french bulldog they have in the video. I have one myself back in Stockholm and it just makes me miss it even more!

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA
Production Company: Furlined

Rain Shower

Wouldn't you just absolutely love to sit in this Rain Shower Bathtub?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Durex - Baby App!

"How can we make make guys use condoms?" That is what the Durex question was, and here is how Peter Ammentorp from a Danish Ad school (DJMX) solved the whole thing.
They create an iPhone App! The nice thing about this is that it is not just a modernisation the MTV show "Teen Mom/Dad" and how it would feel to have a baby. But the actual fact that when you have downloaded this app, you can impregnate someone else's phone, and causing the user to have to take care of his baby. The best thing about it is that when you buy a condom, you take a photo of the QR Code, and therefore can protect yourself from the baby app. Symbolically and truthfully!

Contribution to the Future Lions 2010 Competition

Friday, June 4, 2010

Be Stupid.

I'm pretty sure I have posted the Diesel- Be stupid ads two months ago or something, but I need to repost these wonderful ads with great copy. There are plenty of them, but here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoo Safari

Found these two posters on a copywriters portfolio named Edson Oda. He currently works for DDB in Sau Paolo and has some cool stuff in his collection. I like these a lot.

"A zebra within your reach"

"An elephant within your reach"


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

London Town!

I went to London for a short two day vacation to see Alicia Keys preform at the o2 Arena on the 26th of May. Little did I know, my trip turned into something completely different and instead of coming back home on thursday afternoon, I got back on monday with a very empty bank account.

We travelled with Easyjet. It's cheap and absolutely fine to travel with if you aren't going long, but I wouldn't say that the chairs that felt like cardboard was very comfortable, but the staff was all very nice and helpful. Thursday afternoon when we reached Stansted and was about to check in, we saw that our flight to Copenhagen was cancelled. We of course thought that the cancellation message was incorrect due to the crazy stuff we had been through earlier that day and the day before. But no. It was correct and we were told we had to stay in London til monday when the next flight was to depart.
We were told we would be refunded for the tickets and also for the hotel and food for the coming days. So the two day trip became a 6 day vacation with a wonderful hotel in Victoria and very delicious food.

However. Now, the good times are over. Now it is time to contact Easyjet and claim money, and believe me, it is not going to be easy. I know it, but this is a fight I wont back down from!

Here is a picture from the Alicia Keys concert. The girl was fantastic. Her voice was flawless and the performance was subtle and elegant, just as she is. Great night.