Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Print Madness!

I've been in a skype meeting for almost four hours now.
Im still in it. Me and a classmate are trying to create a logo and we just can't find satisfaction in anything we've done so far!
This has to be done by midnight. We have 5 minutes left, which is fine, because I think our last 2 min will be the most efficient ones.

My point with this entry is that I 've always felt doubt against purely working with design and now Im not in doubt anymore.
I know now that I don't want to purely be working with design. At least not print stuff. I love to work with people who love to work with pure design, I love design and most importantly, I love the creative process around it, but I just don't want to execute the actual design part.
The reason for that is that it so quickly turns around my passion into madness. And perferrably, I would like to seperate the two.

Gotta head back to the meeting.

But hey, I got the frames out of my banner.

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