Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kobe Bryant - Hate it or Love it

So on Christmas Day, NBA had a christmas special where all of the great teams played eachother. That was obviously very fantastic, but what was even greater about this was that since it was played on Christmas Day, they had to play early afternoon games instead of the regular 7 pm games. Early afternoon games means that if you're in Sweden, you don't have to sit up in the middle of the night to watch an NBA game! We could sit like normal people before midnight and watch basketball.

We watched Los Angeles Lakers play Cleveland Cavaliers.
For those of you who don't realize the excitement of this is that Kobe Bryant, playing for the Lakers, and LeBron James playing for the Cavs meet in a Greatness game. Now, if you are cheering for the Cavs, you most likely hate the Lakers and Kobe Bryant more than anything. Even if you are not a Cavs fan, you prob, still hate Kobe Bryant.

What I find mostly interesting is that the "for or against" campaign" against Kobe Bryant has become so huge.
There is an ongoing debate regarding the hate or love for Kobe and I must say, sometimes have trouble figuring out whether the world is debating Kobe vs LeBron, Kobe vs Michael, or Kobe vs the Universe.

We cannot deny that Kobe and Michael are comparable, that Kobe and LeBron are equals, that Kobe should be judged by his on-court and off-court selves separately. Instead, every Kobe question we could think of has been fused to form one fundamental question every basketball fan has been found asking themselves more and more as the debate grows in magnitude and relevance. Pro Kobe or Anti Kobe? You can only choose to lay your head on one side of the pillow.

Most importantly.
Whether or not we like Kobe makes no difference to him, it would seem. And this is why a lot of people find it easy to dislike the man who just may be the greatest player playing the game today. Kobe is concerned with winning basketball games, knowing this will solidify his legacy in the long term, the one goal I am confident drives him most. Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players of all time, love him or hate him, and he knows this. He simply will not be denied greatness.

And it is for that reason that he’s so easy to love and so easy to hate.

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