Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weight Measuring Bus Stop

N=5 in Amsterdam created this AD for Fitness First. When you sit on the bench, it shows you weight in the billboard.
Great way of getting to the point of reflection with people. It is right when people sit and wait for the bus where they have time to reflect upon things as: I need to do laundry, have to send that e-mail, oh yeeah, I should start working out again etc. And this ad really catches people right where they are in reflection mode.

Im going to adopt!

It is almost for real for real.
There is a wonderful guy in our class, he is 19 years old, but sometimes you could think that he is 8. He is not childish in any way its just that he just needs someone that can look after him. Make sure he doesn't spend to much money in the bars, that he eats healthy and that he gets enough sleep.

No really, im just doing this so I can practice "the look" that my momma raised me with. When that look is directed towards you, you feel like your chances of surviving are zero. It raised me well!

Let me introduce you to my child, John Karlsson.
We are both very happy to have found each other and we think that this will bring a lot of happiness to our families.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gina Tricot went and got tanned

The really big clothing brand in Sweden Gina Tricot reacently just changed their model. They have had the same model for a couple of years, and now for the first time in GTs history, the have changed the face of the brand. The previous model was a really goodlooking 30 + something nordic looking woman. The new model now however is a 12 year younger woman from Brazil, but they are both pretty much the same size, wear their hair the same and pose the same. The only difference is that I think the Brazilian model will smile much more in her pictures.

The interesting part is that the target-group of this store and this brand are young girls from the ages of 13-25 with some heavy emphasis on the 16 year olds. On facebook and other social media right now there have been groups created saying that they miss the old model and that they would want the old one back.
The big question that pops up in my head is, why the hell (excuse the language) would/should a 13 year old look at 36 year old model rather than a younger, much more playful model?
We all know for a fact that kids cannot be kids anymore and girl cannot be girls, they have to be women, but why would any clothing line keep pushing for that? Somewhere a line has to be drawn. Young girls should have realistic role-models. It is unrealistic to be 13 and have a 36 year old role model.

I say, way to go Gina Tricot. You are on the right track, now just have your model gain some more weight, and then I will love you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

California Dreaming

Karlskrona is buried in snow.
Yesterday huge snowflakes just started falling and they just wouldn't stop!
In two days the city has been filled with snow and it is almost impossible to walk outdoors.
What a life right? Its so cold and there is so much snow that you have to stay indoors. This is by the way, one of the biggest points I always bring up when I have the discussion regarding living in Sweden in the future or not with my mother. She obviously thinks I should stay as close as possible to home so that we can meet within a couple of hours if something ever happens. Understandable, but me on the other hand, I just want to get out! I wish I could pack my whole family in a black nice little family bag and take them with me, and I think there might be a possibility with my brother and even my mother too. But I just want to live somewhere else.
Where being outside shouldn't be a question of being able to go outside or not. I want to be able to visit stores and restaurants after 8 Pm and I want to be surrounded with inspiring and interesting people who love to share their stories. Unfortunately, that place Im looking for, is not here.

I lived in LA for year. One of the best years of my life. Because of many reasons, some of them that I mentioned already, but there is more, and those things can't even be put into words.
I miss California. I really do.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Why is it so hard for some people to just get a long? Why does people let their egos get in the way of great co operation?
I find it so strange sometimes when I see this happening?
I could say so much about this, but Im not because Im too frustrated.
All I want from my teams now, my teams in the future, are that they always see the bigger picture first.
Thats all.

Love to you all.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I was going to go down to the gym today but now I decided Im not because of two reasons.
1. Im still very tired from the weekend and I wouldn't do my body fair by wearing it out more at this moment, and ALSO. Being tired and working out, could involve injuries.
2. I have cashews and some inspirational links to check out.

Ok.Cozytime now.

Nolans Cheddar...Seriously Strong

Certain Things Hang On Forever

This picture is really powerful.
Good job opening peoples eyes. "Set the kids free from abuse and violence"

Advertising Agency: Mccann Erickson, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Marco Cremona, Gaetano Del Pizzo
Copywriter: Valerio Millefoglie
Art Director: Federico Fanti
Photographer: Akim Lipphot
Postproduction: The Scope

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Where are you now?

I dont even know what to wear in this nordic cold anymore. It is soo cold outside. Nothing I wear keeps me warm. Not even when I do the whole layer on layer thing. So cold.
Where is summer when you need it?

Meta Perspective

Yesterday I was up for exactly 24 hours. I ringed it in at 7 am this morning. 24 hours of awake time is nothing to mess around with, I mean, the transformation into a zombie is inevitable and it somehow feels like your spirit starts leaving your body.
Everything is in meta perspective. It is nice, but very unrecognizable, so not nice at the same time.
However, I've taken back my sleep now. Im back to being a normal human being again.

Im making soup today. Its my first time, but I think it'll turn out good! The best thing about soup is that it lasts you for so long and also, it is very nice to have when its as cold as it is outside.
Soup is the new black.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse me is this the Hyper Island Show?

The Island 2 Island event was, against all odds a very successful exhibition! None of us thought that it would attract so many people, but it did.

We met at The Platform in East London at 9 am to start setting things up. My group, The Triforce spent the whole day up until the gates opened, folding and getting the triangles in place. I didn't eat, I didn't use the restroom, I didn't do anything but making sure our installation would look right. The other groups even pitched in and helped us and thanks to them, we managed to finish everything just 30 minutes before the event started.
It was a stressful day but maaan was it worth it! We had over 200 guests, a bunch of interesting people from the industry, freelancers, former Hyper students and Wieden + Kennedy employers. From the moment that we opened the doors we had people coming in til the second we closed.

Here are pictures from the preparation, the party, and the cleanup!
Ps. 1 minute pass 18.00 I run down to make sure everything is set with the welcome committee, and I bump in to two people that asks us: Excuse me is this the Hyper Island Show?
"Hyper Island Show" Hell yeaaah it is!

Friday, January 22, 2010

London - Third Update

We went to Wieden+Kennedy today to meet up and take a look at the venue. We took the underground to Kings Cross and from there we went to Liverpool Street and we were in East London. A very artistic and hip place with a lot of youths in the creative business. Everyone here looks like they are from the aesthetic department of my High School. Its like they put everyone here, doubled them and gave them their own society. Funny thing.
We encountered some issues today that we dealt with right away. It has been a bumpy road. And it hasn't been easy. But I think we got it under control...
We went to have a beer afterwards to talk a little bit. Apparently, the bar we we to, is a bar where Jack The Ripper went to find his female victims...
I had hot whisky at the bar. The other ones had Guiness Beer. We had a good time.

London - Second Update

Wooaah!! I've seen Big Beeen, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalager Square, Churchils Museum and St James's park! Nice stuff!
First off I just have to show appreciation to the Snow God and thank him for the fact that there is NO SNOW in London. Its soo nice just walking around on dry sidewalks. Thank you.

Second off. I had so much fun today that I felt like I had to share it with my family. So I take a picture of me outside of The Buckingham Palace and decided to send an MMS to my mother, two of my best friends and my brother. The second after I had sent it I receive a text message that says: Sending data messages (MMS) costs you 29 SEK per text. My god! In one second I just wasted 120 SEK. That is just horrible! I was just so chocked and try to reverse my whole action but obviously that wasn't possible. So I just made a promise to myself to not send anymore texts at all. For a while at least. And not make any phone calls either.

Anywho. My mood completely changed when we changed our direction from Museums and Nice buildings to Oxford Street. Nice place. Very nice place. The worlds biggest shopping street. People everywhere, stores everywhere and sale everywhere.
We dedicated ourselves to Primark like every other swede and went crazy. I really liked it. I got so many new things for my wardrobe. It was absolutely great!

I stuck to my promise though. The tourist pic-pose is on.

London - First Update

Sorry for not being able to update but I haven't had internet at the hostle! However, I did write down my thoughts and I will post them now.

London Day 1

London is so big and small at the same time! The city is huge, no one can deny that, but somehow you stumble upon things that are so small and made so for little fairytale people.

My first big impression of London is the whole underground system. It is absolutely crazy. It has its own life, with its own set of laws and regulations. It lets you travel around one of the biggest cities in Europe in a fast and efficient way, by being 2 to 3 km underneath the ground! People walk in really small narrow tube formed tunnels, run down stairs and escalators, take lefts and rights to catch the different underground lines.
I’m actually a little fascinated, but a little claustrophobic as well. It’s weird. It’s amazing, but it’s scary at the same time.
But besides people walking really fast and me feeling a little claustrophobic, I was just blown away when we got off at our stop – Piccadilly Circus!
What a place! Big lights, people on their way to restaurants, friends meeting up and red dubble deck busses driving around. All my boredom from the airplane just disappeared and all I wanted to do was take pictures and share it with all my friends and family at once.
Our hostel, The Piccadilly Backpackers turned out to be a really nice place and our roommate turned out to be really nice too! His name is Olivier and is a French romantic. He loves literature, goes to museums and speaks with a wonderful accent. “Zeeu Buckingham Palaceeee”

Tomorrow we will wake up early and do some serious touristing and I have promised myself that I will do the classic tourist photo pose on every single picture I take.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work Work Work!

Okay peeps. Here comes an update on what I've been up too.
I've had meetings with co- PM's, listened to a really nice lecture with two people from Lost Boys International from UK ( I have bought dinner for my roommate because it is his birthday, I have had After Work (school) with some classmates at PlayBar AND I have packed my bags to go to London!

Great day really. If I think about it.

So, tomorrow we are going to London! Im really excited! For those of you who don't really know the reason Im going to London, Im going to break it down for you.
In October we had the Experience Technology Module. We were divided into groups and given a random piece of technology. In four weeks we had to create an experience technology installation of some form, with an identity and purpose.
My group created the TRIFORCE. A really cool installation on the wall where you cold create ambient music and illustrations by moving your hand (wearing a Triforce glove) over the installation. It is a little hard to explain but it was really successful and everyone that tried it loved it. We were told to create an exhibition in Stockholm together with their class to promote these installations. The result was: 800 visitors, media coverage and a lot of experience.
A jury walked around and judged us upon many difference bases and 5 groups were announced as winners of the Exhibition. Our group being one of the winning groups. So the outcome of being a winner of this was to get the chance to go to London and exhibit what we have done. Thats why we created the Island2Island event.

Here is a link to the TRIFORCE Blog:
Here is a link to the newspaper METRO that did a story on my group:

Here are some pictures of the installation

Monday, January 18, 2010


My mind is full of so many things right now! Everything from, the class PR&Marketing project to the London event, to my own portfolio work to setting structure, preparing Key Notes etc. Its like I don't really want to risk going to the bathroom cause I might forget all the things I have in my mind If I get away from my computer. Crazy Overload, but its fun. Time just flies by.

The most important thing Im dealing with right now is to market our London Event as much as possible. I'm really going out aggressively on the marketing to reach as many people as possible. I event tweeted about it, and I don't tweet.

However, my blog is a medium as well, so Im going to use it the best I can. This is our invite! Come and mingle, talk, inspire and become inspired!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Care for some Tea?

Before I go to sleep I just have to share what I found on ffffound this morning. How cute isn't this?
I would love to have Tea Hangers hanging down my tea cup. I'd be a little weirded out but it would still amuse me a lot!
Night little birdies.

Snabba Cash

Tonight we went to see the Swedish movie Snabba Cash which means: Fast Cash or Quick Cash in English.
The movie is based on a book and is probably one of the best Swedish productions I've seen. Really. Swedish movies are just not that good in general. But this one was really good. I don't know what it is that they do otherwise but they just feel so amateurly done. That is not a word by the way. I just made that up.
Anywho. Snabba Cash was a good movie. Not as good as the book (obviously) but it was very nicely done.
One loud Woot Woot for Sweden and the actors that are in it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Just bought my another bottle of favorite perfume Gucci Rush.
Did you guys know that the word perfume derives from the Latin "per fumum", meaning through smoke.
All right.
Smell me later.

Kriss Kross will make you jump

Last night, us Hyper kids had a party to celebrate the fact that we are back in school after the christmas break.
We had a really good time. Pre-party was fun. Drinks and Mario games. Night out at the club was fun too. The last 15 minutes before closing down, the DJ played all old Hip Hop classics from the 90's. So fresh!
They even played Kriss Kross - Jump Jump, and you know I had to flip my shirt backwards in their honer. It was fun.

By the way. Our presentation yesterday went really well. We most definitely rocked.

Today is a day that I don't expect much from. All I want is a Kebab Roll and then Im good.
I'll probably write more later, but for now. Adios.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love This!

Probably the best copy I've sen. Black text on a white background. Logo in the bottom. Plain. Simple. Greatness.


My eyes are very extremely tired today. My windows to the outside world won't act like healthy windows right now and its a little annoying. It feels like its even effecting my arms and fingers as well as Im writing.

I have also realized my blog looks really booring when its so picturefree. I should upload more pictures.
Yes. I will. Maybe half of you will go : ohh nooo. But you know you love to see pictures of others and their lives.
Or hate. Same thing, doesn't really matter.

Yesterday we were given a fictional brief from Heineken and today we are pitching our idea at 14.00. But first a review with our lecturers. We are all prepared.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Look at these absolutely mindblowing art pieces of Leonid Afremov. Makes me just want to go up close and touch them, walk back and go up close again and touch them. Amazing.
I need to buy more canvases. It tickles in my fingers.


Saknar er diamanter.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Housewife skills.

I decided Im going to bake a cake now for my nice little roommates and apparently, this means I have housewife skills.
I dont know but, its not like im knitting, and carrying around knowledge on what herbs that cures different aches nor am I someone who knows all the cleaning detergent brand name. Im just going to bake. But hey. I like being enriched with housewife skills. I think that makes me even cooler in some peoples eyes. A little analog in some way.

Anywho. I got the skills.
Watch me bake.


Hey Blog

Yesterday we had Saher Sidhom, a planner from Greatworks here for a night session here at Hyper. It was really inspiring, fun and rememberable. He was cool. He stayed for the night and wanted us to take him to a pub, but KNA isn't that big so we took him to the one and only pub here, Fox and The Anchor. On a tuesday. Now you can imagine the crowd there...
However, we had a good time. It was fun.
Just like Saher puts it " Its in between the drinks or going out to have a fag outside the pub when you really bond the most"

Today is a new day. Woke up early to meet up with the Project Manager Team for the Class Promotion project. There are a lot of things to keep in mind and knowing how to build an organization of 36 people. Knowing everyones roles and being able to move forward, being efficient and smart. We talk a lot, discuss and come up with ideas on how to do this, and so far we have done good.

We are in an idea and concept developing fase right now with the entire class to come up with a great concept to use in our class promotion. It has gone really good so far. We have don regular brainstorming, negative brainstorming, random words and every group has come up with more than 20 ideas.

This is fun. I think we will rock.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Choose a Different Ending

I found this on one of the Advertising blogs I read myself and I really liked it.
Metropolitan Police had this made for a safer London. Its really cool and well made, check it out!

Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London, United Kingdom
Agency Producer: Ben Catford
Director: Simon Ellis
Production: Mad Cow Films
Post Production: The Mill
Brand: COI

Back at Hyper!

We are back at Hyper Island today after our 4 week long Christmas Break. Or it wasn't really a break since we had a module during this time where we were to create an analyze and concept for our future Portfolio.

Today we are having some sort of preparation and organization of the whole class for our next module. The marketing and promotion of our class. The module is three week long, and we are to come up with a great idea that will promote our class Digital Media 2011 Karlskrona.

This will be very important since it involves our branding and our personal promotion.
This will be fun, interesting, very frustrating, and big.

Ill keep you updated.

Buh Bye.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010- The year of the firecracker

Last night I got back from my four day trip to The Netherlands.
It was really nice getting away from Sweden for New Years and celebrate according to their traditions. Not that there were alot of differences from the way people celebrate in it Sweden. People still dress up, sit down and have a really nice dinner while drinking some nice wine and two hours before countdown the heavy liquor appears on the tables and everyone is in their happy-mode. There is always one person in the group (me) who keeps track of the time to make sure that no one misses the countdown.
This is probably very common in many countries, but here comes the differences between the dutch people and regular people. ( I love that by the way, referring to people as "regular" )

30 minutes before the countdown, one, two or three persons from each party walks out of the party with 3 huge boxes of firework. These boxes probably caused each person a 300 Euro increase in their bank account as well. So if you have a street where 10 families live in a nice quiet little area, on new years eve, you all of a sudden have 30 boxes of heavy firework at the value of 3000 Euro!
It is absolutely wild how they go crazy with their firework and it goes on for hours.

According to tradition, my mother has told me dress up, get all my chores done, eat well and remember how happy I am because the way I feel during the countdown and the transition between the years will effect the new year to come.
SO, here is what happened 2 seconds after everybody screamed : Happy New Year! I piece of a firework-rocket suddenly starts flying at me and hits my the inside of my lower leg and I got burned. Luckely I was wearing pantyhose that eased my burn but my right leg will now forever be marked with a nice little scar from the year of 2010.

This is the year of the firecracker I told my mother. She looked at me, smiled and said: That means this will be a really good year for you!