Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear readers!

Okay, so this post will be all about me not updating the blog in a while and why I haven't. But first off, I absolutely love Google Analytics and I love to see that I have so many readers and followers. I'm very appreciative!

...Sorry before I continue writing about that I just have to say that my Macbook is making really strange sounds right now? Like really strange? It almost sounds like a PC but with a coffee machine inside of it. For a second here I thought it would be stupid of me just sharing that right away but heeey. Transparency is the new thing right? Hell I dunno. If it keeps making these sounds I'm gonna have to call someone. Okay back to my post...

Sorry. Back to my delayed updates. I've been super busy! With school, the wine competition which I will write more about on the 28th due to a press release and some freelance work. So I want to give you my sincerest apologies for these blank days.

However. Im back on track again, so no worries. Don't leave me okay?

1 comment:

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