Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gestos Wine!!

The Help Us Grow Campaign that our class started a couple of months ago got a company here in Sweden called Arvid Nordquist inspired somehow because they returned the favor by giving us a challenge.
The challenge was to, in 23 days, create 30 sec Advertising spot for the web, a Banner, a Microsite and a Video Blogg, for an Argentinian wine named Gestos. The winning contribution would win 50 000 SWE Kronor.

Our class got into 4 different teams and worked on this wine project on the side from our ordinary school work and yesterday we were told that they had announced a winner. MY TEAM!
Im so very proud of what we made in such a short time and Im very happy we won so that our class can go to Amsterdam for our release party!

Unfortunately the site is all in Swedish and so are the commercials. But check it out if you're interested!
Press release (Also in Swedish. Simple translation: They think our class is sick and that we blew their minds with our proffesionality)

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