Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Slacking

Dear Blog,
I have had and am having, a very interesting summer. A summer like no other actually. I'm spending my time doing, nothing. But It's really strange how putting your self into boredom can actually benefit you in the end.

My first two weeks of the summer I spent at Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm. It was great! I was given the chance to learn more about what planning is all about and how the work process looks at an agency like theirs. I also brought with me an interesting quote from the agency owner Hans Sydow, "Advertising is a contact sport, so throw yourself in there"

Anywho, after my two weeks. I entered my six weeks of nothingness, and may I tell you. Oh my god it has been tough. I have been angry, annoyed, irritated and I have even changed my hairstyle too many times per day, just because I've had nothing to do. But then finally I got the chance to go to the south of Sweden to visit my boyfriend and his family! It was my first time there so we explored, went on a bicycle excursion and took the train to Copenhagen for a day. It was the best and most exciting week of my summer.

Now I'm back to boredom. But it is okay.
It's been insane and hectic, but I'm finally getting in peace with it.

I have 2 1/2 weeks until school starts again and I will spend my time in this nothingness by just taking everyday as it comes.

Nonetheless! I'm picking up blogging again! So watch out world wide web. I'm back.

Ven, Skåne, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe, Planet Earth

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