Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vibram FiveFingers

So Vibram FiveFingers is promoting their new shoe with this microsite. The shoe looks kinda funny, it looks like those socks you can buy where each toe has its own little pocket to go into. I'm sure the technology behind the shoe is fantastic and the message on this Microste that Nail has created says: You are the technology. I like that a lot, but what do you think about the microsite? To me it's really cool at the beginning, but then it kinda dies? I mean, I spent at least 5 min on the site, and that's probably what they wanted to accomplish, but I wasn't satisfied as I left the site. I dont know, I'm having a hard time giving this some type of grade. All I can say is that is worth having a look at.
Advertising Agency: Nail, USA

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  1. Hej! Jag har röstat 5 poäng på dina skor på Hoppas du vill rösta på mina! Länk finns på bloggen.