Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The first two days at hyper has passed and they have been absolutely great.
Yesterday we started off with some regular class team building and information about our nine week project called The Final Project. Right before lunch we teamed up with the people we wanted to work with and got our clients.
I work with 5 absolutely fantastic talents from the class. Theo Stråhlén and Henrik Porseland, the two developers. Alexander Gårdenberg and John Karlsson our fantastic designers. Ida Ragnarsson as our Concept and Strategy girl and then me, as the producer.
We are all really good friends and have a very well balanced skill knowledge within the different fields of Digital Media. I really look forward to working with Blacksmith for the coming 9 weeks. And who knows? Maybe even in a couple of years in the future as our own super agency?


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  1. You guys at Hyper Island have had my jaw on the floor, knocked out, head-over-heels in love ever since i found out about you.
    & of late I've seen a whole load of talk to do with this 'blacksmiths'? I'm hoping you'll expand a lil to have me stop dancing around like a crazy wombat. *Thanks*