Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today was Blacksmiths first day without Hyper Island co-workers and such. From here and now on, it is all up to us.
We have had a great day. We started off by building a foundation of our agency. We talked about everyones roles, what the responsibilities are, and decided on how our working process will look like. It is so refreshing I can't even explain it. I feel great. It is almost like hope mixed with happiness, comfort and a touch of luck in there.

We decided on which client to contact and what to do the coming days. I also created all Blacksmith branded timecards and such for our agency. They look great!

By the way. I should really recommend the iPhone app Mill Color when taking photos on your iphone and then also use the myFilm app to add that extra touch. These images are taken with an iPhone and edited really quickly in those apps.

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