Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Help Us Grow"

Joy shouts!
Im very proud to present the Help us Grow Campaign!
It is a campaign to help our class raise sponsor money for our class promotion.

Three very smart girls, Malin Altenby, Ida Ragnarsson and Michell Demåne didn't want to send out traditional sponsor letters to companies. Instead, they came up with a creative and much more interesting idea.

They sew together really small black t-shirts and filled them with cotton. They filled them up with a little bit too much cotton so it seems as they t-shirt is cracking. On the t-shirt it says: Help us grow!
They also created tags to the t-shirts with information about the class.

Its really brilliant! The send-outs went out yesterday.
Today Resumé called and said they wanted to do an article on this! I think its going to get big!
Our class is really ballin' right now!!

Check out the website www.helpusgrow.se



  1. Hej Nina. Det var länge sen man såg från dig. Vart har du tagit vägen någonstans? Vad gör du nu osv??


    Ps. Lite sent nu kanske men hehe jag hejade grymt mycket på dig på robinson. Ville bara säga det!