Monday, March 15, 2010

Anyone Seen It?

I haven't written anything here in a week. It's really been bugging me that I haven't because I like keeping you guys updated on everything, but something happened to me last week that is unexplainable. Maybe what has happened to me could be explained as an alien abduction or maybe it's just a regular Hyper Island student journey. Either way. It really truly sucks.

I don't really know how to explain it. But it is like someone took out all the colors from the view I love to sit and watch. It's like watching a great movie, and in the end, not understanding anything. And there is no one that can explain it to you. It's like walking the path that you've been walking on your entire life, and all of a sudden stepping out of it.
To not sound too much like Alanis Morisette Im just gonna stop with the metaphors.

The thing is, ever since I saw that movie (can't remember the name of it) with Jennifer Anniston my first year in High school, I have known that my future is in Advertising. I couldn't explain it, I just knew I wanted to do it. Everything I've done since that movie, has been trying to get closer to my goal, but all of a sudden, last week it ended. That strive is gone. Where did it go? Does anyone know? Im not even sure I want to be in the Advertising field, or do I? I don't know what role I should train myself for?
My Mojo is gone. It's really terrible.
It effects everything.

Please. If you find my mojo, or someone elses. Would you please give it to me?
I'm in desperate need of one.

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