Friday, March 26, 2010

Hypa Promotion

Yesterday me and Tobias Bergström from my class took a car and drove to Växjö, a city about 2 hours from Karlskrona. Our job for the day was to stand in a mass hall and promote Hyper Island to future students. The mass was huge and the visitors were all so diverse! I was so surprised. There were old people, parents, kids, girls, boys, high school students, couples, hip hopers, dancers, singers, and so many more characters.

It was so refreshing seeing all these different people interacting, talking and laughing. One girl came up and talked to us, and she was so worried about the high school graduation. She looked so happy and excited about it, but yet so worryful and not confident enough to talk to us without her friends being around. So fresh! When seeing things like that, you always ask yourself, was I really like that when I was a senior? And a couple of seconds after, you answer yourself by saying, nooo. Kids today are so different. And then you go back to looking at this really young, happy, confused and loud girl and just feeling content.

Anyways. The day was good. I got to drive a car, the lunch was awesome, and the sun was shining all day.
The weather is really nice down here now.

If you come to Karlskrona, make sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

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