Monday, March 1, 2010

Hyper Update

About two weeks ago I started planning our classes Portfolio Week. It was very much up to us how we would do it, but it was said that Monday on the first of March we were to present our portfolios to the class, and on Wednesday the 3rd of March, we were to present to the industry.

Me and some other smart cookies from the class sat down and planned it all out. I was mainly responsible for the whole thing. Last week I sent out a schedule for todays feedback session. Since we are 36 happy campers in the class, I divided us into three groups of 12 that could present simontainously and made sure there was a moderator in each room that could manage the time and feedback rounds. I prepared a time schedule so that everyone could get 10 min each presenting and receiving feedback.

Today went really well. It was really useful to all of us. I've gotten some good feedback on my portfolio, and I hope that the feedback I gave was helpful.

I think I'll be finished with my portfolio in a week or so? Maybe? Kinda? Either way, this blog will be the first place I will post it on.

On Wednesday we have some cool gals coming in from some local businesses here in KNA to give us more feedback.
(Which reminds me I have to bake chocolate muffins for this session. Goddammit. Why do I keep signing up for these things?)

Night Night

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