Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Light a candle for your best memory

Today was our final day @ Hyper Island before the summer break.
We started the day with a full on evaluation of the whole year we have been studying for. We made a nice little timeline with the start in Aug 2009 and and the ending in June 2010 and then we filled the timeline with drawings and text of specific things that had happened during the year. Once we had done that we got to light a candle and put it somewhere on the timeline that would symbolize a moment that we want to remember during the summer.

It was a great session with some emotions involved. After the evaluation we made 7 cakes for us and DM10 to enjoy as a final goodbye before summer. Thank you all for this first year, it has been amazing!
See you again in August for our final project and the very exciting internship!

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