Wednesday, June 2, 2010

London Town!

I went to London for a short two day vacation to see Alicia Keys preform at the o2 Arena on the 26th of May. Little did I know, my trip turned into something completely different and instead of coming back home on thursday afternoon, I got back on monday with a very empty bank account.

We travelled with Easyjet. It's cheap and absolutely fine to travel with if you aren't going long, but I wouldn't say that the chairs that felt like cardboard was very comfortable, but the staff was all very nice and helpful. Thursday afternoon when we reached Stansted and was about to check in, we saw that our flight to Copenhagen was cancelled. We of course thought that the cancellation message was incorrect due to the crazy stuff we had been through earlier that day and the day before. But no. It was correct and we were told we had to stay in London til monday when the next flight was to depart.
We were told we would be refunded for the tickets and also for the hotel and food for the coming days. So the two day trip became a 6 day vacation with a wonderful hotel in Victoria and very delicious food.

However. Now, the good times are over. Now it is time to contact Easyjet and claim money, and believe me, it is not going to be easy. I know it, but this is a fight I wont back down from!

Here is a picture from the Alicia Keys concert. The girl was fantastic. Her voice was flawless and the performance was subtle and elegant, just as she is. Great night.

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