Friday, June 11, 2010

Pac-Man Google logo

How much could the Pac-Man Google logo be worth and how much did it cost the world?

Just about $120,483,800. Nothing strange about that.

As most of you probably remember, google did a Pac-Man logo that was interactive. The average time spent on googles home page during that time was approximately 36 seconds! When adding the fact that google has almost 503 million daily visitors and 33 million daily hours spent searching one can calculate something very interesting.
Let's say that the average pay of the visitor is $25/hour, we can estimate that Google's Pac-Man logo destroyed 4,819,352 hours of productivity and cost about $120,483,800 in distracted employee salary. CRAZY!

For those who missed it, Google has made their Pac-Man logo a permanent feature at

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