Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3rd Day @ Sid Lee

Today I have worked. I can feel it in my shoulders and in my eyes.
The morning started with me getting briefed on where we are and what was going to happen during the day. Apparently, a representative from Adidas was going to come in and we had some other things regarding Porsche Design that we had to solve.
So what I have done all day is work! I even got some own tasks to solve on my own which was really nice.

When it comes to documentation me and Ida got a lot of it done. We have a plan for our presentation now that we both think is going to be awesome. Yay.
Still no drawing on the wall in the bathroom though. But I can feel it coming to me. Tomorrow maybe.

By the way, we went live with some Y3 banners today. That was exciting.

Oh and one more thing. It snowed here today. My gosh, this snow is just killing me. Its snowing like hell in Sweden, and I heard it is snowing in NY too. Its some sort of international disaster. Horrible.

Have fun tonight and spread joy.
Love you all

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