Thursday, February 11, 2010

4th Day @ Sid Lee

Today was just half a day at Sid Lee.
Me and Ida started the morning with a meeting at the café and planned out our interview with Andreas and Julie. And then. We executed the interview with Andreas and Julie.
Now this might sound very simple but we had to take some re-shots and make sure everything looked and sounded alright. So basically, as my dear friend Pawel would say, conducting the whole interview took the entire morning. But it turned out really good!
After lunch we left the office for some touristing in A'dam city and after that we prepared some presentation work!

Unbelievable that we are already saying good night to day four and moving on to our last day tomorrow. This week has gone by so fast and we've learned so much.

Tomorrow Sid Lee does this "Pizza Friday" thing. Everybody gathers in the cafeteria and they have pizza together. According to rumors, the music after lunch turns up as well and some beer bottles jump in the picture after 5 pm.
I really look forward to our last day there. I will take loads of pictures and tell you all about the un-classified stuff from that party.

"One day we'll all be sipping on heavenly champagne"


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