Friday, February 5, 2010


This week has probably been the most unproductive week ever.
I feel like I have done absolutely nothing and that sucks! Really does! Here is what I have accomplished;

- Ida and I have gotten a YES from Sid Lee Amsterdam and we are going there on Sunday morning to work-shadow two cool producers at their agency. We will be staying at Idas friends house and apparently, their apartment is pretty close to Sid Lee!
Cool stuff!

-I have sent in an Action Plan for our Portfolio To The Industry day in March. It went pretty well, but I still need to add some important things. Thumbs up!

-I helped the Business & Finance department with the charity Lunch yesterday. Yay!

-We had an awesome goodbye party for the Motion Graphics Class Wednesday night! Bye Motion, have fun interning in the world!

-I have watched "The Lovely Bones".

See now that isn't much for an entire week.
But I guess its all right, soon enough Ill be in Amsterdam with tons of new insights and thought-starters!

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention. I have started reading "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu! A really nice book about strategy and management for all of you who are interested. Sirwan you should read it!

Charity Lunch Pics:

Michelle and Ida making some delicious Pyttipanna!

DMs and Motions having lunch!

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