Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Cleaning Therapy

I just cleaned out all the public areas of the apartment as agreed! The kitchen, the living room and the hallway.
Im really not fond of cleaning. Not at all, but lately It has grew into becoming some sort of therapy for me.
It just gets my mind off of things and in some symbolic way, as I clean out and everything becomes clean I feel better.
Maybe my mind has just made this whole thing up so I wont forget about cleaning. I don't know. Either way Im happy with it.

When I was 8-19 years old. I hated cleaning more than anything. And doing dishes? Oh my god. Worst thing ever. But now, Im cool with it.

Anyways. Sunday today.
New Week tomorrow.
New groceries.
New tasks.
New jokes.
New virals.
New Inspiration.

Now I gotta lay down and just relax for a bit.


  1. Shit asså! Jag kände precis likadant när jag flyttstädade i min förra lägenhet. Jag tog på mig dom jobbigaste grejjerna, badrummet, bakom spisen, kylskåpet etc medan dom andra mest gick runt och mes-dammade lite.

    Även om man borde tyckt att det var äckligt som fan på vissa ställen så tyckte jag att det var rätt kul. Det är så skönt att se när saker blir rena. :D

  2. Incredible, what an amazing way to express your opinion…very cool I must say …
    I think you are right when you say this.

  3. Actually I'm cleaning right now. Later I will enjoy a nice iced coffee. Then, I have a relief society meeting