Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Connecting the dots...

So about a month ago I wrote about adidas doing an Augmented Reality thing with a new shoe that will launch sometime in February/March?
Now I want you to take a wild guess. Which agency is working on this for Adidas?
Sid f-ing Lee. How cool isn't that? The guy in the background of the image I posted a month ago is Chris, the AD of the office here! I find it super cool! I knew about this a month ago and was pretty amazed. Now I sit and work with those same guys!
Small world. And this is one of the billion times in your life when you find yourself connecting the dots.
Why did I draw a line from a previous dot the another? Well, because I was supposed to make my way over to this dot.

Here is a teaser for the first AR shoe

Love you all.

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