Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clio Awards

I was just looking through some winners from the Clio Awards of 2009 and went through their student winners. There were two winners from Hyper Island Stockholm and one from Berghs School of Communication.
I think its super cool that three of the winners were from Sweden! Good stuff.

Here is a Vicotorias Secret ad some students from School of Visual Arts, NY made.
Simple, funny and they really get the message through. I also really like how they use props that are natural to the setting to complete the ad. Like the bench for an example is very common in an environment like that, however, it is not that common to have it facing the wall and have it put that close up to it either. But in this image it is, and that makes the regular VS ad on the wall, unique all of a sudden.

Check out some more winners at


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