Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2nd Day @ Sid Lee

I already feel more into all the projects! It is getting more and more interesting and my tasks are getting more and more "work" related. Today started off a little shaky. The creative producer took a check on his resource and time tablet and realized we needed to do some changes to be able to go live on the right date.
It was really nice being a part of that challenge since it involved a lot of puzzling and meetings with developers etc. Good stuff. Good learning! By the way. I have to express my appreciation towards developers. They are just such great people! So easy to talk with, so simple and so logic!

In the bathrooms of Sid Lee they have walls that you can write or draw on with crayons. So there are pitch black walls with black shiny tile in some places. It looks really cool with a slight touch of creepiness. Before anything when you get in there, all you want to do is read what people have put up. Now, getting to the point of my story...I picked up a crayon today. I thought I should leave a mark there, I lifted my hand and pushed the crayon towards the wall and a thousands of cool sayings and messages popped up in my head but somehow, I got some sort of performance anxiety and just put the crayon back.
What I had in mind wasn't cool enough. But I promise I'll put something up before I leave. And I promise I'll post it on here too.

Today's fail: I forgot my camera which sucks in every way. I have no photos from today. Only one from my cellphone.
Todays glory moment: Developers are great! Adidas Y-3 have some really good stuff!

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  1. Vad roligt att få följa dig! Du skriver fantastiskt!