Monday, February 8, 2010

First Day @ Sid Lee

Today was our first day on our work shadowing project! We arrived at Sid Lee at 11 to meet our mentors, Julie and Andreas. Ida follows Julie and I follow Andreas. He is a creative producer and he is mainly working with the Adidas Originals Account.
He is also a hyper graduate which is nice, because he understands where I come from.
Anyways, we explained what we wanted to achieve from this week and they explained what they are doing, and then we got into work! I sit next to Andreas and help him with whatever I can, but mostly I ask questions and follow him into meetings and stuff.

The best thing about today was that we had brought swedish candy (lösgodis) to the office, and it was such a big success! Everyone loved it and that made people come up to us and talk to us!
Insight : Candy brings people together.

Tomorrow we'll get even more to do! Its exciting. Im excited!

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  1. I like your blog !
    How is your project doing with sid lee ? tell us more please !