Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse me is this the Hyper Island Show?

The Island 2 Island event was, against all odds a very successful exhibition! None of us thought that it would attract so many people, but it did.

We met at The Platform in East London at 9 am to start setting things up. My group, The Triforce spent the whole day up until the gates opened, folding and getting the triangles in place. I didn't eat, I didn't use the restroom, I didn't do anything but making sure our installation would look right. The other groups even pitched in and helped us and thanks to them, we managed to finish everything just 30 minutes before the event started.
It was a stressful day but maaan was it worth it! We had over 200 guests, a bunch of interesting people from the industry, freelancers, former Hyper students and Wieden + Kennedy employers. From the moment that we opened the doors we had people coming in til the second we closed.

Here are pictures from the preparation, the party, and the cleanup!
Ps. 1 minute pass 18.00 I run down to make sure everything is set with the welcome committee, and I bump in to two people that asks us: Excuse me is this the Hyper Island Show?
"Hyper Island Show" Hell yeaaah it is!

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