Friday, January 22, 2010

London - Third Update

We went to Wieden+Kennedy today to meet up and take a look at the venue. We took the underground to Kings Cross and from there we went to Liverpool Street and we were in East London. A very artistic and hip place with a lot of youths in the creative business. Everyone here looks like they are from the aesthetic department of my High School. Its like they put everyone here, doubled them and gave them their own society. Funny thing.
We encountered some issues today that we dealt with right away. It has been a bumpy road. And it hasn't been easy. But I think we got it under control...
We went to have a beer afterwards to talk a little bit. Apparently, the bar we we to, is a bar where Jack The Ripper went to find his female victims...
I had hot whisky at the bar. The other ones had Guiness Beer. We had a good time.

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