Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weight Measuring Bus Stop

N=5 in Amsterdam created this AD for Fitness First. When you sit on the bench, it shows you weight in the billboard.
Great way of getting to the point of reflection with people. It is right when people sit and wait for the bus where they have time to reflect upon things as: I need to do laundry, have to send that e-mail, oh yeeah, I should start working out again etc. And this ad really catches people right where they are in reflection mode.


  1. Ugh, I would never sit on such a thing. I would be embarrassed of people seeing my weight..

  2. yeah truly a great site.I really enjoyed my visit.

  3. Hey Nina,
    Its really found very interesting.... Great way to increase the awareness about Human Health and Fitness. Great Share.... I like it. Thanks very much for it, Keep it up.

    J. Smith, NY