Friday, January 22, 2010

London - Second Update

Wooaah!! I've seen Big Beeen, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalager Square, Churchils Museum and St James's park! Nice stuff!
First off I just have to show appreciation to the Snow God and thank him for the fact that there is NO SNOW in London. Its soo nice just walking around on dry sidewalks. Thank you.

Second off. I had so much fun today that I felt like I had to share it with my family. So I take a picture of me outside of The Buckingham Palace and decided to send an MMS to my mother, two of my best friends and my brother. The second after I had sent it I receive a text message that says: Sending data messages (MMS) costs you 29 SEK per text. My god! In one second I just wasted 120 SEK. That is just horrible! I was just so chocked and try to reverse my whole action but obviously that wasn't possible. So I just made a promise to myself to not send anymore texts at all. For a while at least. And not make any phone calls either.

Anywho. My mood completely changed when we changed our direction from Museums and Nice buildings to Oxford Street. Nice place. Very nice place. The worlds biggest shopping street. People everywhere, stores everywhere and sale everywhere.
We dedicated ourselves to Primark like every other swede and went crazy. I really liked it. I got so many new things for my wardrobe. It was absolutely great!

I stuck to my promise though. The tourist pic-pose is on.

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  1. Niina! chana akai la landan? chelkne chapal!