Friday, January 29, 2010

Gina Tricot went and got tanned

The really big clothing brand in Sweden Gina Tricot reacently just changed their model. They have had the same model for a couple of years, and now for the first time in GTs history, the have changed the face of the brand. The previous model was a really goodlooking 30 + something nordic looking woman. The new model now however is a 12 year younger woman from Brazil, but they are both pretty much the same size, wear their hair the same and pose the same. The only difference is that I think the Brazilian model will smile much more in her pictures.

The interesting part is that the target-group of this store and this brand are young girls from the ages of 13-25 with some heavy emphasis on the 16 year olds. On facebook and other social media right now there have been groups created saying that they miss the old model and that they would want the old one back.
The big question that pops up in my head is, why the hell (excuse the language) would/should a 13 year old look at 36 year old model rather than a younger, much more playful model?
We all know for a fact that kids cannot be kids anymore and girl cannot be girls, they have to be women, but why would any clothing line keep pushing for that? Somewhere a line has to be drawn. Young girls should have realistic role-models. It is unrealistic to be 13 and have a 36 year old role model.

I say, way to go Gina Tricot. You are on the right track, now just have your model gain some more weight, and then I will love you.


  1. As a guy from Australia (but I am familiar with Gina Tricot), I will give you my take on this. Pernille Holmboe (former face of GT), has a Nordic look as you pointed out, and while probably is more mature than the target audience, she has the look that many young nordic girls can relate to. Personally I think teenage girls want to look older, and as GT only had stores in the nordic market why not show them what the clothing looks like on someone they can relate to. Also by having a more mature model they can also not limit sales just to the young, so 30 year old girls will still feel comfortable shopping there. That said I feel GT is on a big expansion and it probably is about time for a fresh face.

  2. Anyone who wants to see Nina Amjadi as the next Gina Tricot-model, raise you hand!

  3. Adam! Nice to see that you are reading my blog! Nice input!
    Raising my hand person, you're just too sweet! Im no GT model! :)