Sunday, January 31, 2010

Im going to adopt!

It is almost for real for real.
There is a wonderful guy in our class, he is 19 years old, but sometimes you could think that he is 8. He is not childish in any way its just that he just needs someone that can look after him. Make sure he doesn't spend to much money in the bars, that he eats healthy and that he gets enough sleep.

No really, im just doing this so I can practice "the look" that my momma raised me with. When that look is directed towards you, you feel like your chances of surviving are zero. It raised me well!

Let me introduce you to my child, John Karlsson.
We are both very happy to have found each other and we think that this will bring a lot of happiness to our families.

1 comment:

  1. hahahhahah, morsans blick! får vem som helst att göra d hon vill! :)
    säg inte att du ska träna på den!,
    Nina den blicken är svår hanterlig! och jag vägrar vika mig för dig bara så du vet!
    Det verkar va en bra grabb att adoptera!
    Grattis till din nya son!