Friday, January 22, 2010

London - First Update

Sorry for not being able to update but I haven't had internet at the hostle! However, I did write down my thoughts and I will post them now.

London Day 1

London is so big and small at the same time! The city is huge, no one can deny that, but somehow you stumble upon things that are so small and made so for little fairytale people.

My first big impression of London is the whole underground system. It is absolutely crazy. It has its own life, with its own set of laws and regulations. It lets you travel around one of the biggest cities in Europe in a fast and efficient way, by being 2 to 3 km underneath the ground! People walk in really small narrow tube formed tunnels, run down stairs and escalators, take lefts and rights to catch the different underground lines.
I’m actually a little fascinated, but a little claustrophobic as well. It’s weird. It’s amazing, but it’s scary at the same time.
But besides people walking really fast and me feeling a little claustrophobic, I was just blown away when we got off at our stop – Piccadilly Circus!
What a place! Big lights, people on their way to restaurants, friends meeting up and red dubble deck busses driving around. All my boredom from the airplane just disappeared and all I wanted to do was take pictures and share it with all my friends and family at once.
Our hostel, The Piccadilly Backpackers turned out to be a really nice place and our roommate turned out to be really nice too! His name is Olivier and is a French romantic. He loves literature, goes to museums and speaks with a wonderful accent. “Zeeu Buckingham Palaceeee”

Tomorrow we will wake up early and do some serious touristing and I have promised myself that I will do the classic tourist photo pose on every single picture I take.


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